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PU catalysts
They are used extensively in the production of polyether and polyester foams, coatings, elastomers and high-modulus urethane plastics.
Curing Agents
Our Products offers an unparalleled line of curing agents for epoxy formulators for use in concrete coatings, metal coatings, adhesive and composite applications.
Oil Gas Fields
Our produces and delivers an extensive portfolio of quality amine and non-amine chemicals and formulations for use in gas treatment applications.
Coating Additives
Our produces a wide variety of functional coating additives for aqueous decorative and industrial coatings, sealants, inks and defoamers for paint.
Polymer Chemistry
HDT thermoplastic resins • Coatings, adhesives • Intermediate for pharmaceuticals and agricultural chemicals • Bactericides, Fungicides • Vulcanization of rubber •
Intermediate Chemistry
Fatty acid derivatives of morpholine are mainly used as a reagent or building block for the synthesis of active pharmaceutical ingredients.

Our Projects

Amine Engineering Laboratory
Amine Engineering Laboratory
provincial level
Enterprise Technology Center
Enterprise Technology Center
provincial level
zhejiang university
zhejiang university
colleges and universities
Production Base
Production Base
Sichuan China

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The term “green” manufacturing can be looked at in two ways: the manufacturing of “green” products, particularly those used in renewable energy systems and clean technology equipment of all kinds, and the “greening” of manufacturing — reducing pollution and waste by minimizing natural resource use, recycling and reusing what was considered waste, and reducing emissions.

Modular, flexible, sustainable: the future of chemical manufacturing.

Our factory are two of the projects that have developed innovative technologies to support the shift towards greater versatility and smaller environmental footprints. They have produced new technologies, processes and manufacturing concepts that will feed into the design and operation of innovative chemical plants. The results of their work have the potential to provide the chemical industry with a much-needed competitive boost.

National High-tech Enterprise, Innovation enterprise and we founded “New Materials Research Institute” with Zhejiang University.

Provincial Scientific and Technological Achievements from Sichuan Province. One of the leaders of technology in domestic especially the technology of BDMAEE became the first class level in the world.

The 17th China Excellence Patent Award as well as the Provincial Science and Technology Progress Award.

  • 1 International Patent (USA) Award.
  • 35 National Patents Award and 20 Patents in declare.

We combine economic success, social responsibility and environmental protection. Through science and innovation, we support our customers in nearly every industry in meeting the current and future needs of society.

Green Manufacturing
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